Living Walls

Foliaire’s Living Walls bring the transformative power of nature into your space, creating stunning visual landscapes that do more than just beautify. These vertical gardens not only enhance the aesthetic of any interior but also actively purify the air, converting carbon dioxide into oxygen-rich environments. Embrace the serene ambiance and improved air quality a Living Wall introduces, fostering tranquility and well-being.

Living Walls play a crucial role in boosting indoor air quality by naturally filtering pollutants, and their presence helps to regulate humidity and maintain cooler air temperatures.

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Our Process


You’ll start with a phone conversation with one of our interior landscaping specialists to discuss your specific needs. We will then schedule a time to meet for an on-site consultation. Next, we prepare a presentation and complete job quote for your review. After we finalize your project’s scope, we request a signature on the quote with a 50% deposit to proceed with scheduling.


We carefully plan and schedule your interior landscaping, taking into account all of your specific requests to ensure an efficient installation. We then contact you before finalizing the installation date to make certain there are no scheduling conflicts.


Once we complete your installation, one of our uniformed horticultural technicians will serve as your personal foliage liaison for same-day weekly service. We provide personal and professional plant care tailored to your specific needs. With our guaranteed plant care service, you can rest assured that your interior landscaping will be our number one priority.

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Monthly Maintenance Services

By signing up for a maintenance contract, our partnership will ensure that your needs are covered from expert plant care down to the finest details. Our specialty is keeping your environment and interior green scape looking its best, be it simple planters and plants to complex living walls.

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The Foliaire team are the most creative and responsive people we have worked with. They came up with a dynamic design for our South Boston roof deck and followed through on every suggestion, offering fixes and options that made the process fun. They are great partners who created a wonderful urban getaway spot that we love.

The team at Foliaire created a stunning urban oasis for our family. They listened to our design requests and made the vision a reality beyond our expectations. They are wonderful to work with, accommodating, friendly, knowledgeable and honest. We continue to recommend Foliaire to everyone. They do not disappoint!

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