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Our interior landscaping creates beautiful spaces, purifies your oxygen, and provides a tranquility and peace of mind for years to come. The reason plants and trees are important to our ecosystem is because they remove carbon dioxide and produce oxygen rich air. Adding plantscapes to your interior improves your indoor air quality by removing pollutants and filtering air. Additionally, plants can save energy by increasing humidity and keeping the air temperature down.


Outdoor space in an urban environment is a rare luxury. Let our skilled designers help you take full advantage of your roof deck, terrace, or courtyard. We have the experience to guide you through the process. Get the most out of your unique space and enhance your exterior landscape today.

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Foliaire specializes in the fabrication of exterior garden structures. Our extensive portfolio includes: Tables, Bars, Pergolas, Sheds, Custom Fence Systems, Gates, AC Enclosures, Cabinets, Trellis, Planters, Benches & Storage Boxes. We build all of our custom fabrication designs to be high-quality and low-maintenance.

Roof Top Gardens

Enhance urban living by seamlessly merging outdoor joy with city convenience. Craft a serene oasis on your rooftop or deck, where nature’s tranquility meets urban vibrancy. Transform this space into a rejuvenating haven amidst lush greenery and comfy seating. Enjoy morning coffees, peaceful reading, or intimate starlit gatherings, achieving harmony between urban style and nature’s solace. Embrace urban gardening, cozy furniture, and ambient lighting to expand your living area and revitalize your spirit daily.

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Over the past ten years, Foliaire has designed and maintained the front and back gardens of my South End brownstone and also the grounds at our oceanfront home in Rockport. They incorporate lighting and stonework better than most. We have a driveway like no other. Inside our Rockport home, Matt was able to take my vision of a two story ‘green wall’ to a final reality. It’s very special! I highly recommend working with Foliaire on any project.

The Foliaire team are the most creative and responsive people we have worked with. They came up with a dynamic design for our South Boston roof deck and followed through on every suggestion, offering fixes and options that made the process fun. They are great partners who created a wonderful urban getaway spot that we love.

The team at Foliaire created a stunning urban oasis for our family. They listened to our design requests and made the vision a reality beyond our expectations. They are wonderful to work with, accommodating, friendly, knowledgeable and honest. We continue to recommend Foliaire to everyone. They do not disappoint!

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