As a homeowner, finding the best garden decor to match your home’s unique style can be a challenge. With so many great exterior landscape design options available, you’ll want to find premium offerings to elevate your garden before the arrival of spring.

Let us help you discover how you can transform your urban garden or outdoor space with a few simple steps.

Choose Beautiful Outdoor Plants

Before considering the best garden decor you desire to add to your garden space, you’ll need to select some stunning outdoor plants to brighten up your garden. This step will help set the tone for the rest of the garden. You can easily do by adding a few colorful or striking potted plants. Our team would be more than happy to help with this task.

For example, we could create a rose garden or herb garden for a unique addition to your outdoor space. If you are short of space, add a few succulents in pots to your garden for a modern look. Make sure you choose vibrant plants and flowers that add color and texture to your exterior landscape design.

Work With the Space You Have

In crowded cities, we know space can be limited in urban gardens. However, that doesn’t mean you should neglect this space. You can transform almost any patch of land. That way, you’ll enjoy more time reconnecting with nature and being visually appealing.

When it comes to finding the best garden decor for your home, we highly recommend looking at ideas from gardens that are the same shape and size that you have. There’s no point trying to take inspiration from a large countryside house with a swimming pool if you are only working with a garden that’s a fraction of the size. There are some incredibly innovative garden designs available today. Our team will be happy to work with you to make the most of the space you have.

Add a Water Feature

No garden is too small to benefit from the addition of a small fountain or water feature. With so many innovative products on the market, you’ll find that solar water fountains could be a good option for your best garden decor. They function without needing a source of electricity and still offer all of the benefits of water in your garden.

Cherub water fountains offer a more classical look. If you have the space and resources, you could even add a huge fountain or small pond. Water is extremely calming. It will help make your garden feel like an oasis, even in a busy city.

Consider Lighting to Showcase Your Garden Display

You might not often have the time to sit outdoors in our gardens during the daytime. We encourage anyone who works with us on a custom exterior landscape design to ensure they can enjoy their new garden space at any time of the day or night. While you won’t be able to admire all of the smaller details during the night, you can still enjoy getting some fresh air after a busy day of working.

Lighting your garden also allows you to view it from the inside. That way, you can create a nice extension of your indoor space for your enjoyment. A very popular option right now is solar lighting. These lights gather the energy they need during the day and then bring your best garden decor to life at night. You’ll find that garden lighting can be added almost anywhere in your garden, including hanging from trees or illuminating paths.

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Bigger Isn’t Always Better

When working with an urban garden, we encourage you to think about the finer details. Typical gardens can afford to have large furniture and garden decor. Think about the smaller details that will enhance any space.

You can add a little flair and color by adding wind chimes, statues, and birdhouses. All of these will help create interest and to bring your garden to life at any time of the year. Just a few subtle pieces within your custom garden design can add a lot of character and style to any exterior landscape design.

Look for Outdoor Furniture

Although it’s tempting to heave a few spare chairs from your home outside, it’s best to find dedicated outdoor furniture for your garden display. There’s no point in investing all this time and money if you don’t sit back and admire your beautiful new garden.

The good news for apartment dwellers and homeowners is that many outdoor furniture options are chic, comfortable, and affordable. We recommend adding a couple of chairs and a small table in a smaller space. You’ll love enjoying your morning coffee outside or a cocktail as the sun sets on another day. Whatever furniture you go for, ensure it will withstand a wide range of weather conditions.

Shop for Vintage Garden Accessories

Depending on your style and your home decor, you might want to opt to use a mixture of old and new items in your garden. Handcrafted pieces and vintage garden accessories add more character and style to your outdoor space.

Many homeowners neglect to think of their garden the same way they do their home. However, you can enjoy decorating and styling this space just as much. A few of the top ways to add a touch of vintage decor include:

  • vintage lanterns;
  • cast iron or wrought iron pieces;
  • or a vintage fountain in your best garden decor.

Key Takeaways

By following these steps listed above, you can elevate your garden display and create an urban garden or outdoor space where you enjoy spending time after a busy day at work. No matter the size of your urban garden, our team can create a custom exterior landscape. We can tailor the design to your personal preferences. We’ll be excited to bring your garden to life in a way that you never imagined, thanks to our creative exterior landscape designs.

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