There’s no better way to celebrate the holidays than by planning your holiday decorating. But where do you start?

To begin, you should first understand the scope of your project. Once you have the right space in mind, you can design the perfect palette for your lobby or office to create an inspiring, memorable holiday aura.

You’ll maximize your enjoyment of the season by choosing a high-quality selection of unique holiday décor. Whether you’re celebrating inside your office or preparing a festive lobby, you deserve an aesthetic experience that can exceed your expectations.

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What We’ll Cover:

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How to Plan Year-End Holiday Decorating

Knowing how to approach your holiday display requires an eye for design. You might want to consult with an expert corporate plantscaping team to help you establish an initial estimate. Combining bright and natural holiday décor creates a premium feel with curated trees, faux/artificial wreaths, and lively poinsettia arrangements.

We recommend arranging your décor in various color palettes and themes to suit your specific brand colors. Make sure you have the capacity and personnel to deliver stunning results in time for the holidays.

Bring Holiday Spirit to Your Office

You’ll want to celebrate in style when it’s the most wonderful time of the year. You should install themes and decorations throughout your workplace to ensure that your space is ready for maximum enjoyment. Whether you’re seeking traditional holiday décor or a more avant-garde approach, you should customize the installation of plants in your office.

Unparalleled Style & Selection

Your company should rely on a beautiful selection of holiday plants and ornaments. If you’re located in a commercial office space, you can include plants like poinsettias, amaryllis, and cyclamen. White orchids and red bromeliads are also popular choices. One popular choice is to custom-build tabletop or desktop floral arrangements for common rooms and reception areas.

The best holiday decorations typically include the following:

  • Trees (with lights and ornaments)
  • Wreaths (for walls and doors)
  • Garlands (for fireplaces and railings)
  • Swags (diamond-shaped decorations to hang on the wall)

Poinsettias and Gift Plants

Traditional live poinsettias add warmth and color to office décor and serve as great holiday plants. Look for the best floral quality in a wide range of sizes and colors– plus amaryllis, Norfolk Island pine, bromeliads, orchids, and much more.

Custom Holiday Décor

Some companies like to put up a tree with wrapped holiday boxes, simulating gifts under the tree. Not only can you customize the color palette, but you can also opt for a non-denominational display!

Your company should offer tasteful and appropriate cultural features, including traditional Christmas plants, Kwanzaa banners, and Hanukkah décor.   Look for the potential in every office space – lobbies, cafeterias, conference rooms, and much more.

Fire Safety Precautions

There are comprehensive safety precautions you should implement to reduce the risk of fire. For example, you should never use cut, live, evergreen trees, wreaths, or swags. This step will protect your employees and guests against any fire risk. Always follow all fire code regulations to protect your holiday plants.

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Step-By-Step Holiday Decorating

By decorating your office for the holidays, you can provide holiday cheer that guests and employees alike will love. When you decorate your lobby, meeting space, or break room, you can include gorgeous artificial trees, wreaths, and garlands, as well as specialty props and custom-made tableaux. Keep reading a step-by-step breakdown of how your holiday decorations should come together.

1) Define the Theme

Start by choosing a theme that aligns with your corporate interior aesthetic and the festive spirit you wish to evoke. Whether you’re leaning towards a traditional red and green palette or a more modern, minimalistic style, defining the theme sets the tone for your entire holiday decoration.

2) Select the Right Plants and Decorations

Incorporate a mix of live and artificial office interior plants that complement your theme. Consider corporate plants like poinsettias, amaryllis, or festive bromeliads to add a splash of color. For a touch of elegance, white orchids or red cyclamens can be striking.

3) Plan the Layout with Office Planting Design in Mind

Strategically place your plants and decorations to enhance your office space without obstructing pathways or work areas. Consider hanging garlands over doorways, placing wreaths on doors, and arranging tabletop arrangements in common areas. The key is to balance festivity with functionality.

4) Implement Effective Office Plant Watering Systems

If using live plants, ensure they’re properly cared for throughout the season. This might involve setting up an office plant watering schedule to keep your plants looking fresh and vibrant. Remember, well-maintained plants can significantly uplift the holiday mood in an office environment.

5) Final Touches and Lighting

Add the final touches with lighting to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. String lights, lanterns, and even softly lit artificial trees can transform your office into a cozy holiday haven. Ensure all lighting is safely installed and complements the overall décor.

By following these steps, you can create a holiday environment in your office that’s aesthetically pleasing, practical, and conducive to a festive workplace.

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How to Unveil Your Holiday Décor


Holiday installations traditionally start right after Thanksgiving. After all, most people want to see their holiday installations immediately to have the longest time to enjoy them. Consequently, we recommend booking your installation date early. This planning will ensure that your installation happens on your schedule.

First, book your installation as early as possible to allow ample lead time for your holiday decorating. That way, your corporate plantscaping firm can conduct an on-site visit or walk-through to describe your ideal holiday display. When you design the layout of your decorations, you should note how many faux and live plants you’ll need.


It’s just as important to schedule when you want your décor taken down and stored. You should consider storage between seasons for all of the faux/artificial decorations you’ll want to use each year. This storage can even span several locations, like storage closets or a local storage unit.


When it comes to decking the halls of your office, the styles of your holiday décor play a pivotal role in setting the festive ambiance. The right plantscaping approach will cover a variety of plant and holiday accessory combinations. That way, you can cater to any aesthetic preference, aligning seamlessly with your corporate interior. Here are a few examples to inspire your choices:

  1. Classic Elegance: Combine traditional poinsettias with lush evergreen garlands and twinkling white lights. This timeless style brings a sense of warmth and nostalgia, perfect for creating a welcoming atmosphere in reception areas or conference rooms.
  2. Modern Chic: Opt for sleek arrangements of white orchids or amaryllis paired with minimalist silver or gold accents. This contemporary look suits modern office spaces, offering a sophisticated yet festive feel.
  3. Natural and Rustic: Use an array of corporate plants like Norfolk Island pines or ferns, complemented with wooden ornaments and burlap ribbons. This style brings an organic, cozy touch to your office, ideal for casual lounges or cafeterias.
  4. Bold and Bright: For a more vibrant setup, mix colorful cyclamens or bromeliads with multi-colored lights and playful ornaments. This lively style adds a burst of energy and is great for creative spaces such as marketing departments.
  5. Culturally Diverse: Reflect the diverse holiday traditions with a mix of Kwanzaa banners, a Hanukkah menorah, and classic Christmas trees. This inclusive approach celebrates the season’s multicultural spirit, fostering a sense of community in the workplace.

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Key Takeaways

Now is the time to initiate contact to help design and plan a holiday display at your office or business. Ensure that the style is thoughtfully curated to enhance your office environment during the holiday season so that your space not only looks festive but feels inviting and inclusive to all who enter. The splendor of the Christmas season typically requires meticulous plant care, and early booking ensures you’ll be ready to transform your office into a luxurious holiday wonderland.

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