When considering ways to create more privacy in an office or home, there are a few different options available. Living screens allow you to avoid putting up a standard plexiglass barrier. Instead, you can create an attractive and moveable screen. Here we’re going to share everything you need to know about these beautiful features and how you can incorporate them into your office

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Living Walls – How Do These Privacy Screens Work?

Living screens are widely used within office spaces today. If you have an open-plan office space, there’s often a desire to separate individual office areas. Many want to create more privacy for employees and managers. Instead of using a plexiglass barrier or a fabric-covered sectional, living screens provide privacy using indoor plants or live moss. They can be created from artificial or live plants, offering you a low-maintenance solution and adding more indoor plantscaping to your space.

Where Can Living Screens Be Used?

We place living screens where you would otherwise add other types of privacy solutions. As we mentioned above, you see them in office spaces. Designers often find these to be an excellent solution for their reception or waiting area, offering visitors more privacy or shielding them from seeing confidential material about the business they’re visiting.

Living screens are part of an interior plantscape design, and, as such, they create a more attractive working environment than you would otherwise have with other privacy options.  Indoor plantscaping offers so many benefits to everyone working within the space, which is why we highly encourage offices to consider this more appealing option. The plants used for living screens are carefully selected to thrive in an indoor environment.

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The Benefits of Living Screens

There are so many reasons why companies today opt to use living screens instead of standard privacy dividers. When you add living walls to your space, you’ll notice all of these benefits immediately, creating a more inviting and relaxing working environment for your employees.

Instant Privacy

Living screens use indoor plants to create privacy and improve discretion and security for your employees. They are an instant solution that doesn’t require you to build permanent walls for your employees but will still protect them from prying eyes and those working nearby. Especially in spaces that see a lot of activity, they can offer your staff members the privacy they need to focus on the task at hand, instead of being distracted every few minutes. We also appreciate that they can be easy to move around as either a temporary or permanent solution.

Improved Air Quality

Living screens that contain real indoor plants also contribute to improving the air quality within your office. Especially for people who are sensitive to pollution, improved air quality is something we are all looking to increase today. Live plants literally cleanse the air around you, making them ideal for use to create an overall healthy environment.


When installing these screens into your office, you may be concerned about them outgrowing your space. When it comes to these privacy screens, you have two options; artificial or live indoor plants. Of course, if you opt for artificial plants, you won’t have to worry about them growing beyond the wall. Even with real indoor plants, you will find that the types of moss and plants used are very easy to maintain and don’t need more than weekly attention or care.

Safety and Security

Safety is always been one of the top priorities today within offices and buildings. To keep people separated from hazards or unsightly areas, you may want to incorporate living screens into space. They can also keep unwanted visitors out of a space ideal for when a meeting is in progress or confidential matters are underway.

Planning Before You Install Living Screens

While living screens are quick and easy to install – usually completed in one day, we always encourage you to do some prior planning before purchasing this type of interior plantscape design for your office. The great news is that living privacy screens come in all shapes and sizes and can be fully customized to fit your requirements. You’ll want to start by meeting with the experts, and together planning out your space and deciding where exactly you want to place them.

As well as planning out the interior spaces you are trying to create within your office; you may want to think about your current indoor plantscaping. How will living privacy screens enhance your office’s overall aesthetic? When adding this new structure, we recommend that you use a living wall as an accent feature. Too many plants within a small space can reduce the impact of the element. 

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