If you want to upgrade, improve, or renovate your deck or patio this year, it’s important to take the proper steps to complete this project. Prefabrication is something we recommend anyone does to save their deck. Today we will discover why this is critical for homeowners undertaking Boston landscaping jobs. Keep reading to learn how you can get a head start on your summer landscaping. That way, you can enjoy endless hours outside with your loved ones and improve the overall quality of your property.

We will cover the following:

1) Clean Up After the Winter

After the winter months, taking the time to assess your greenscape or urban garden is important. Especially in parts of the country where the temperatures drop significantly, you’ll want to make sure that you clean up any debris and damage from the colder months. Leaves, branches, and sticks can all cause damage to your deck, so make sure you sweep the area in its entirety before even considering doing further work. No debris should be left over before going any further with your Boston landscaping jobs, as this may stop you from receiving the desired results.

2) Deep-Clean Your Patio or Deck

Once you’ve swept up the debris on your green roof or from living walls, it’s time to attack your deck with a pressure washer. You can rent these if you don’t have one, which is ideal for anyone not planning to complete this job regularly. Start at one side of the deck or patio, then spray over to the other. This will help clean off any leftover dirt or pollen gathered on the deck over the last months. You’ll then have a good surface to improve and be able to continue your patio prefabrication work.

3) Deck Repairs

Before you can consider painting or sealing your deck, make sure you inspect it for damage, cracks, or loose boards. Over time, moisture or sun exposure can result in the nails and screws coming loose. When left for too long, this can be a huge safety hazard, which anyone with kids and pets needs to be particularly conscious about. Closely look around your deck for any damage and try to rectify it before moving on to improving your prefabrication. Also, look carefully for signs of rotting wood. If the wood is disintegrating in any part of your patio, remove and replace it to offer your family a safe place to spend time this summer.

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4) How to Find a Reliable Deck Construction Company

We don’t recommend trying to attempt all of this work by yourself. Upgrading a greenscape and patio is much easier with the help of professionals. Many Boston landscaping jobs will be completed in a fraction of the time by a reliable deck construction company. Typically, these companies will be happy to help you get ready for the summer months. Review your fabricator’s online reviews to get a sense of their project scope. You’ll also find that you can ask to see images of previous projects, giving you an idea of their quality results.

5) Expanding Your Outdoor Space

Before the summer, you’ll also want to consider whether now is a good time to extend your outdoor space. As your family grows, you may find that you need more space. Especially if you are interested in adding living walls or a new patio set, you’ll find that extending your outdoor space is a great option. Ensure you use the highest quality material and secure fasteners that you can install carefully for long-lasting results. Always look for low-maintenance additions to your urban garden, so you don’t have to spend hours each week maintaining the area.

6) Sealing and Painting Your Deck

Once you’ve completed all of the maintenance work on your deck, it’s time to consider upgrading the stain or paint. Choose a high-quality stain or paint that suits the décor of your greenscape and will also help to protect your deck all year round. We recommend staining your deck again each season to offer protection from the elements. You could also consider painting your deck a different color, which you can do alongside a full deck renovation.

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7) Deck Furniture and Accessories

Once the main elements of the prefabrication work are complete, it’s time to kit out your deck. You’ll find endless ideas online today for creating a stunning green roof or urban garden, which will help you create a stylish addition to your backyard or roof. Ensure you invest in high-quality pieces that survive outside in the hot summer months. Add potted plants, kitchen equipment, and anything else you and your family will enjoy using in the summer months. The earlier you start prefabrication on your deck, the more likely you will find items you’ll be excited to display this summer and not have extended shipping times.

Key Takeaways

There’s much to consider when preparing your deck or patio for the summer months. The earlier you start work on this task, the easier it will be to enjoy summer with your loved ones. Any greenscape will need attention after the winter months. Foliaire can offer assistance with Boston landscaping jobs of any shape or size. We recommend contacting our team as soon as possible to start working together to renovate your urban garden or backyard this spring. Your family will thank you when the weather improves. Plus, you can enjoy endless hours outside bonding on your newly renovated deck. We can also help to install a new deck fully, so contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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